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Adorn your home with these high quality floral wallpapers. Choose from our wide range of floral wallpaper designs at best prices only at Khirki. These beautiful flower designs  will give a rich and natural look to your walls instantly and are perfect for any room. Our wallpapers are made of a high quality, waterproof and durable material.

Calculate the area of the wall.

Work out how much wallpaper you need before you buy. Make sure you're not left short in the middle of the job!

1. Measure the length and height of each wall you wish to cover in wallpaper. Subtract door and large windows from the total length. You can round off the length measurement up to the nearest half foot or foot (or meter) to make it easier to calculate.

2. Multiply the length and width of each wall to get the area in square feet.

3. Add up the area of each wall to get your total area.

4. Increase the total area by 15 percent to account for waste.

WARNING: To Prevent bubble: Place on a clean, dry object or smooth surface. Make sure the contact paper lies flat and stays flat with use. Press the sticker with a dry towel to firm it up. 

Perfect for use on the wall in living room wall, glass, vinyl, lacquered, natural stone, kitchen counter, furniture, dressing table drawers, crafts, bedsides tables, bookcases.

Botanical & Floral Wallpapers

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