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I love you Aluminium water bottle sipper

Rs. 500.00
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This is a printed aluminum Water sipper bottle. Filling Capacity: 600ml(approx). Due to printed quotes and images, this bottle has carved a niche for itself in personalized items.

Features & Quality:


Completely leakproof.

stylish look and unique Quotes on sipper it's showing your personality.

All Bottles comes with the metal finish Quality and BPA FREE Technology

Filling Capacity: 600 ml (approx).

Shipping Structure:

Shipping also plays a major role while ordering something online. We provide

  • Safe and fast delivery
  • Low-maintenance
  • well Bubble wrap packing 
  • Crease free

Shipping also plays a major role while ordering online. So we especially care about this department. We provide-

  • Safe Delivery
  • Zero contact to sunlight
  • Crease free