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10 Affordable Wall Décor Ideas For The Large Walls-khirki -

10 Affordable Wall Décor Ideas For The Large Walls-khirki

Who doesn’t like to redecorate their place with vibrant pieces and colors to give their house a boost of good vibes? We definitely do. Tiny places and walls can be decorated and redecorated very easily and frequently, but what is more intimidating and takes up a lot of your brain energy are those huge halls in the bed rooms and even the living areas. Decorating a house is never an easy task, but it even gets difficult when we have to run the whole situation on a particular budget.  It gets very difficult to decorate it with large pieces of art as it costs a lot and lets get real we would love it if we could decorate the huge wall in our homes without burning a hole in our pockets. We have got a quick and affordable solution for you to decorate your wall to give out your vibe and aesthetic along with making it the most affordable thing.

Here’s is the list of 10 affordable wall décor ideas we have pinned down just for you:

  1. The Good old wallpaper:

Using a wall paper to cover just side of the home gives it a chic and modern look. You can pick from different designs, colors and also textures and there you have the perfect wall to stare at when you’re studying or even dreaming. The extra colors and designs of the wall paper makes the mind go creative and the imagination go to places undiscovered. The best part about using just a wall paper is it is very affordable and there are a lot of choices from which you can choose which go well along with the vibe you want to create for your own home.


  1. One large piece of art:

What better then decorating large walls with large pieces of art. Just one large piece of art can cover up your entire wall making it look welcoming. Not all art is expensive, there are a lot of budding artists who create the most beautiful pieces of art which align with your vision and combine that with the vibe of your house and there you have the most affordable and beautiful piece of mural on your large wall. Having just one piece of large item saves you a lot of time and energy.

  1. Go fully bohemian:

Who doesn’t love the boho styles, the pastel colors, the fifty shades of white and of course the dream catchers. If you are fully into the bohemian style and want to give your house a touch of boho, you can use your large wall to turn it into bohemian in the most affordable way. Just pick a bohemian style quite or even a bed cover, hang it on the wall and add an extra touch of boho by adding a few dream catchers to it. There you got your wall covered with the least and the most affordable cost.

  1. Green walls:

It is a scientific fact that seeing the color green, like the plants and trees helps improve your eye health. So what better way to use the large wall other than giving it a pop of green color? The only thing you should remember while going for a wall of plans is to use the same flower pots and obviously only the indoor plants which don’t need the extra sunlight. It not only looks stunning but also makes you feel refreshed throughout the day, just like sitting in a park doe

  1. Who can say no to a gallery wall:

A Gallery wall is one of the best and affordable décor ideas for a large wall. It makes any boring wall look vibrant with just adding it with frames. So here gallery wall can be anything of your choice. You can add positive quotes to the frames or your family pictures or maybe a mixture of both. But when making a gallery wall chooses the frames of the same color, but you can definitely go crazy on the shapes and sizes. Small, big, rectangle, square, and circle you can you anything as long as the color of the frames is the same.

  1. Bibliophile wall:

For all you bibliophiles out there, what better way to decorate your large wall then with the cover of your favorite books? That’s right; you can get the cover of your favorite novels, comics, and every other book printed and paste it on your huge wall. Sounds amazing right? If I were you, I would include all the books I love, from my comics, to my Enid Blyton adventure novels and all the books I loves reading when I was an adult. It not only gives your wall the different pops of color that it needs but also reminds you of all the stories you have read in your entire life.

  1. The wanderlust wall:

The wanderlust wall is specifically for all the travel lovers out there. We are all so busy in life that sometimes we forget how small the world is and how beautiful it is. Remember the dreams you had of travelling to every place in the world, this wanderlust wall will keep reminding you of the dreams you never lived and also in a tiny way help you in achieving those dreams. Get a huge world map painted on or maybe just use the world map wall sticker. You can use the sticker to scratch out the places you have visited. Isn’t it cool and very pocket friendly at the same time?

  1. The aesthetic lyrics wall:

If you are trying to give your home a very aesthetic look with all the art and architecture, then the aesthetic lyrics wall is the perfect fit for you. Just choose your favorite song which reminds you of a happy memory or just gives you the positive vibe and then get it printed or painted on that huge wall of yours. Music is definitely the window of your soul, the lyrics you choose will help you every single day of your life. Going through a bad day? Just read those lyrics you got printed on your wall and there you have happy and chirpy mood back. I would suggest you to get the lyrics of the song that reminds you of your happy place or maybe a song that motivates you every day of your life.

  1. Hanging shelves:

There is never enough storage pace in our homes, what better way to use the wall rather than using the hanging shelves which make for a good piece and also can store our everyday stuff in. You can use the hanging shelves to shelf the collection of our books, or add little plants and candle and even just add little cute things to make it look adorable and durable at the same time. Hanging shelves don’t cost much amount and are very affordable. Use the hanging shelf to place the pretty little things you usually don’t know where to place.

  1. Make it into you own canvas:

There is nothing better than yours and your families’ personal touch in your home décor. Get your kids and other family members out to paint the huge wall and you would be surprised to see the creativity that runs in your family. The world is our canvas we say, why not put it in a literal meaning by making that huge wall which is dull and boring into something we did on our very own. The colors never disappoint us. Let them be free and let them mix themselves on their own. But if you do not think that you could paint it yourself, you could always hire an artist to paint the hall as they like with the colors of your choice. This one will cost you equal to nothing if you do it on your own and anyway DIY’s never go out of style.

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