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9 Creative Ways to Decorate The Staircase- -

9 Creative Ways to Decorate The Staircase-

So, you have decided to decorate or re-decorate your home.


And you are here to find out the creative ways to decorate the staircase of your house.

Staircases are often the most neglected area of the house when it comes to home décor. While decorating their houses, people usually have plenty of ideas for their living room, master bedroom and even kitchen, but they become clueless when it comes to the staircase. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they can’t explore ways to lighten up their staircase space.

In most houses, staircases constitute the smallest space of the house, which is why they are often overlooked. However, sometimes, stairs are the first thing you notice when you enter a house, or they are situated at the entrance of the house, which is why it becomes necessary to make this space beautiful to look.

So, in this blog, we are listing nine creative ways to decorate the staircase of your house.

1. Decorate with staircase stickers

Staircase stickers are the most popular and easy way to decorate your stairs. You can embellish your stairs with various colours, styles, patterns and designs. Bright – coloured stickers make your staircase appear like a dazzling canvas. You have several choices when it comes to decorating your staircase with stickers, such as colourful striped or dripping pattern stickers, black – and – white zebra look stickers, rainbow art stickers, quotes stairway stickers, blue tile stair stickers, Arabic style tile stickers and beautiful pattern tile stickers.

2. Go wild with wallpaper

Wallpaper on the staircase wall makes the most impactful staircase décor change without even actually touching the stairs. Adding a wallpaper against the staircase gives a serious wow – factor to the whole space. There are several varieties of wallpapers available in the market by which you can highlight your staircase area such as bold colour wallpapers, floral wallpapers, neutral colour wallpapers, small or big patterned wallpapers and so on.

3. Wall of art and paintings

Hanging up art portraits and paintings is another most common way to spice up your staircase area. It looks incredibly beautiful, especially when the stairs are located near the entrance of the house.

Do not hesitate to play the game of colours with art paintings and pictures. If the colour of your staircase wall is bright like red or blue, go for paintings which have a light or pastel coloured background with exquisite detailing. And if the wall colour exhibits one of the neutral colours like white, tan or beige, hang beautiful, bright coloured paintings on it.

According to your preference, you can place just one big painting on the wall, or you can create various styles and patterns on the wall with several pictures and paintings of different sizes.

4. Hang up your family photo collage

Nothing beats hanging up a bunch of your family photos on the staircase wall. It is one of the classic ways to beautify any wall in a home. A fuller wall with pictures of your family members, kids, friends and loved ones will always bring a smile on your face. You can use different frames of varying sizes and colours for the photos. You can create beautiful patterns with them, or you can hang them without any order. You can rarely go wrong with hanging a collage of family photos on your staircase wall.

5. Beautify with one or two accent pieces

Don’t be shy to make a bold statement using your staircase décor, like using a heavy, accent piece to decorate your staircase. You can place a large vase, an antique piece, a big clock, marble sculpture, or a large metal décor item in the corner of an L – shaped staircase. You can also try a big metal wall sculpture to give a beautiful rustic feeling to your staircase space.

6. Add a little life

Adding little leafy green indoor plants in the house always work as a stress – buster for many people. Plants bestow calm and soothing vibes in their surroundings.

  • You can decorate your staircase by placing small pots of indoor plants at the end of each step of the stairs, or you can put a big vase of a green plant with a small hanging mirror or any other artefact at the corner of an L – shaped staircase.

7. Add a pop of colour

Many people like modern and minimalistic feel in their house. They opt for neutral hues like whites or browns. These colours give an elegant and clean appearance to the house. You can also style your staircase with neutral colours like white, beige, tan, or brown; however, it might get a little monochromatic. So, to break the monotony, add a little pop of colour here and there. For example, if you have painted the wall adjacent to the white coloured stairs white, try to include bright coloured elements here and there for a pop of colours – such as hang gorgeous red flower pots on the wall or a big red artefact at the corner of the staircase.

8. Stair runner

A stair runner is another way to decorate your staircase, which adds a cosy factor to the bare stairs. It gives an elegant look to the entire staircase space without putting any holes into your wall. 

9. Light up your staircase -

Lighting the staircase area is another fabulous decorating option which gives a chic appearance to the entire space. It can work as both a temporary or permanent option depending upon your preferences or requirements.
As a temporary option, you can light some gorgeous, scented candles and place them on every step of the staircase.
As a permanent option, you can hang beautiful lanterns creating a pleasing pattern on the staircase wall, or you can hang a chandelier from the ceiling in the middle of the staircase.

    We have discussed a few options and choices in this article on how to decorate the staircase space. Almost all these items are readily available in the market or online.

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