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10 Cozy Home Decor Ideas for Amazing Home To Try -

10 Cozy Home Decor Ideas for Amazing Home To Try

A home is a place, where, when you enter, you feel safe. Just imagine, what would it feel like to walk through the door to a warm and beautiful home apart from the safest place on this planet for you! Decking up your home does not necessarily have to be done by house interior designers or with high-end luxury items. We have come up with ten home decor ideas which can make you feel more relaxed, comfortable and cozy at your home.

1. Frame the Gallery Wall

If your passageway or corridors look dull and boring or your living room walls are just blank, then add a gallery wall. Bring in a set of frames of different sizes along with unique acrylic cutouts as an add-on to give a look of a beautiful framed wall. Fill up the frames with your families photos or some remarkable lifetime events captured.

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2. Bed Canopy 

To give that royal palace-like feeling to your bed, add a canopy. This white gauze fabric hangs so beautifully, thereby creating a pleasing eye interior of any minimalist bedroom. You may add fairy lights to it for special occasions.

3. Paper up your Home

Wallpapering a small room or closet or just one wall of the room will give it a top-notch look. You can do the whole room, or just use small parts of it and paste it on drawers, cabinets, and can be used as backsplashes. If you like your walls plain, then just apply the wallpaper on the ceiling of your room and create an astonishing look. It's fast, easy, and makes a big difference.

4. Color-Block Walls

Color-block your wall means pairing two or three totally different colors to give your walls a remixed graphic look. It is all about enlivening the walls. You may create an area of interest by painting a section of the wall and not the whole wall. Increase its impact by painting a darker outer area then a slightly lighter shade inside to 'frame' the paint effect. To make a bold statement, go for vibrant hues. Go and check out different styles of colour blocking your home.

5. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the easiest way to freshen up in the bedroom or living room and adds a personal touch to your place. Personalised Photo Throw Pillows can make the whole space feel new again and colorful at the same time. Jazz up your old couch or that one corner of your room where you like to sit and often unwind with throw pillows; they are available in different sizes, and you can get it customised as per your design if you don't want personalised ones.

6. New Lighting Fixture in the Home

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood of any room, not just by the light it gives off but by the actual light fixture. It is like a dress in the room. So, always keep in mind the style, shape, color and size while choosing one. You may select from Chandelier Lights, Pendant Lights, Table and Floor Lamps, Wall Scones, Modern Light Fixtures to Traditional Lamps. Look for the place you want to be revamped and choose it accordingly. Keep the color of lighting in mind while making the choices.

7. Statement Art Piece

Make a simple plain wall a little more intriguing with canvas framed artwork. Choose large-scale modern or vintage artwork or something abstract and vibrant to really make an understated yet unique statement.

8. Play and Contrast

As a matter of fact, Contrast is one of the secret ingredients that gives those memorable spaces their impact. You can create contrast using the basic design element of light and colors, texture and shape to build an engrossing juxtaposition to revive the look of the place. Try creating interesting contrast by replacing one thing in an otherwise totally traditional room with something super modern, like the lamp in the below picture.

9. Layer Rugs and Patterns

Why use just one rug when you could have two or three? Layer rugs in varying colors, prints, and textures to add visual interest to your floor. As you can see in the picture below, two rugs of different patterns when layered together gives such a pleasant look to the living room. Best way to enrich your home.

10. Add Florals

A nice arrangement of flowers neatly put in a vase can beautify a whole room on it's own. You may match your floral arrangements to nearby artwork. Even a super formal and modern space can feel inviting with the right floral centrepiece. 

If you don't like flowers because they die quickly, decorate with dry flowers and plants instead. Pampas grass is a particularly lovely option. 

Your home should be as per your taste.

After all, HOME is where HEART is!

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